Who doesn’t just love snuggling up to a nice, warm and cozy blanket on the couch while watching a movie? Throws are both practical and stylish, serving as both a sophisticated home decor element as well as a comfortable blanket. That’s why at Pixiee, we feel that throw blankets are essential for any living room couch or bedroom.

High quality throw blankets are versatile when it comes to bringing you warmth and comfort. When chosen correctly, throws and blankets can be a great addition to any home. Functional for the whole year, throws come in different fabrics and colors so they can fit in with all home decor.

There are many types of throw blankets that serve different purposes. Whether you want it for a bedroom for extra warmth, or in the living room for a stylish touch, throws can be the perfect addition to any space.

Different types of throws cater to different seasons of the year. Lighter weight throws are great to use alone for summer and can be used to layer in the winter to keep you warm; cozy. Throws are also great because they can be easily stored or used for guests when needed.

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September 10, 2021 — Oscar Lee