Founding Story

Pixiee was established in the post-pandemic period in 2021. Diana, founder of Pixiee, just like everybody else during that time, started working from home and her needs for living quality had drastically increased due to longer stay-at-home time. This realization brought her into the journey of finding comfortable loungewear pieces that are also flattering of body. A year later, lifestyle brand Pixiee debuted aiming to provide ethically crafted, high-quality loungewears for modern women that desire freedom, femininity and minimalism.

The beauty of embracing our true self

Isn't the best feeling after getting home after a long day taking off your bras and those tight jeans? Take the good with the bad. We now get to spend more time at home with clothings that no longer restrain our bodies. Drinking a cup of coffee to start off the day, reading a book during golden hour, chilling in bed with some jazz music, and walking dogs at Santa Monica beach all with the same loungewear piece - it brings leisure into our ease lifestyle, embraces the shapes of our body and spirit of femininity in every possible way day and night.