Softer, the Better

We never forget the ultimate ingredient for a good night's sleep is softness. Made with high quality natural cotton, our sleepwear is luxuriously soft with a crisp finish to give you that easy, breezy, & soft feel. They are made for your day-in, day-out comfort.

Embracing a Green Lifestyle

Our natural cotton is blended with annually renewable plant based fiber, with its core materials from plant sugar. Sorona® brings high-performance, sustainable fabric to the sleepwear industry and eco-conscious consumers, for a green lifestyle.

Durability Makes Things Easy

Flexible and durable, our Sorona® makes life easier. It retains its shape and resists bagging for maximum comfort on the move. The best part? It's spandex-FREE, yet provides exceptional stretch and recovery even after repeated stretches and washes, allowing easy-handling laundry days.


Wash Mindfully
Your garments can be either machine washed or hand washed. Always pay attention to the individual care labels inside your garments but aim to wash your clothing at low temperatures (max. 30°C) or cold.

Separate Carefully
Don’t forget to also sort your clothes according to their care requirements. Separate light from darker colors, while being mindful of different fabrics.

Treat stains Beforehand

Pre-treat stains before washing by dabbing a small amount of stain remover on the area as soon as possible. Keep in mind that bleach can be damaging to fabrics and our vibrant print. Patch test on an inside seam before using stain remover is suggested.

Dry Garments Naturally
Dry your garments in ways that are good for both your garments and the environment. Always remove your damp clothes from the washing machine as soon as possible. Shake them out carefully to avoid wrinkles, mold and mildew. Skip the dryer and choose to air-dry your garments naturally to save more energy and reduce carbon footprint.